Caribbeancom 021916-100 Mihono Visibility invasion Immediately insert I want to see Miho's stunning face

Duration: 01:01:52 PV: 0 Public: 2020-12-01 04:36:45
I want to see the surprising face of a miracle beautiful girl Miho with white skin on a dirty face! That's why I will make a decision on the popular series of actress crying "Visibility invasion! Immediately insert!"! Miho-chan frown and said "Eh ~ surprising face? Something scary," staff who explains the planning stated, "Today, Miho-chan's surprising face seems to be ~" Niko Nico. But two seconds later, Miho 's surprising face will be repeated! あ どけない顔立ちに白い肌を持つ奇跡の美少女・みほのの驚く顔が見たい!ということで女優泣かせの人気シリーズ「視界侵入!たちまち挿入!」を決行しちゃい ます!企画内容を説明するスタッフが「今日は、みほのちゃんの驚く顔がみたいな~」と言うとみほのちゃんは顔をしかめて「え~驚く顔?何か怖いぃ」とニコ ニコ。しかしその2秒後は、みほのちゃんの驚く顔が連発されます!