Sis Porn - Jessy Sis

Duration: 00:48:45 PV: 89 Public: 2021-08-12 00:28:40
Look, stepsister, I wanna play this fun game, alright? I give you a task and if you do it, then I’ll pay you. If you fail then you’ll have to accept my punishment! The stepsister agreed without giving my proposal any serious consideration since I already pulled a wad of cash from my pocket. – I want you to lick my foot! She stopped to think for a second. With a little frown on her face, she leaned in and licked my foot. – Jeez! Didn’t know you were THAT brave! OK, now it’s your turn… What did you say? You want me to lick my own cock? Are you for real? Alright, I accept your challenge, but here’s the deal – if I fail, you can have ALL my money, but if I manage to blow myself… I’ll take you to the bed and fuck you hard despite you being my stepsis and all that! Let’s go…